GZ UV Flatbed for big productivity!
Optional magnetic linear system



3~8xRicoh Gen6 print heads

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Resolution720x900~720x2400 dpi
printhead3~8 Ricoh Gen6 print heads
Curing SystemDual water cooling Led UV curing lamps
Ink UV curable
Color Configuration1xKCMY+1xWW+1xVV     1xKCMY+2xWW+2xVV
2xKCMY+1xWW        2xKCMY+2xWW
3xKCMY             2xKCMY+1xWW+1xVV
4xKCMY             3xKCMY+1xWW
Ink Supply SystemGnTek Negative pressure system + White ink stirring system and circulation system
Ink Tank2500ml
Media ThicknessMax. 100mm
Media Type Acrylic, Aluminum sheet, Foam board, PVC, Leather, Glass, Wood, Ceramic tille, etc
Table Size2650x1325
Printing SizeMax. 2500x1300mm
Printing SpeedMode         Resolution        2xKCMY        3xKCMY       4xKCMY
Draft         720×900dpi        40.3 m²/h          54.5 m²/h      66 m²/h
Production       720×1200dpi          33 m²/h           44.8 m²/h       54 m²/h
High-res        720×900dpi         26.2 m²/h          35.3 m²/h        43.9 m²/h
Photo          720×1200dpi           20 m²/h         27.7 m²/h        34.6 m²/h
 Working EnvironmentTemperature: 20 C~30 C, Humidity: 35%~65%
Data InterfaceEternal: USB3.0; Internal: Fiber Optical
SoftwareFlexiPRINT UV+GZ control console
PowerSingle Phase, 50/60Hz, AC220V +or-10%; 13A(Printer&UV controller)+21A(Vacuum system)
Packed/installed sizeL×W×H(mm):4700×2300×1750/4452×2040×1495

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