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A1802S / A2602S

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Thunderjet A1802s / Thunderjet A2502s

Print widthMax: 1800mm / Max: 2500mm
Guarantee5 years
Print Head2EPXXN Eco-Solvent fifth generation heads
TechnologyDrop-on-Demand Piezo inkjet technology
Output resolutionX:360 dpi Y: 10800 dpi / 1440 dpi / 2160 dpi
Media clearance1.5mm- 3.5mm adjustable head height
drying systemMiddle and post heaters control by PID
Printing Speed360×1080 dpi 3pass 39.8m2/h / 39.8m2/h / 41.8m2/h
360×1440 Dpi 4pass 32.6m2/h / 34.6m2/h
360×2160 Dpi 6pass 24.2 m2/h / 26.2 m2/h
 Media typePP,PVC, Coated photo paper , Adhesive , vinyl , Banner , Back it , film .....
Interface USB high speed interface for large volume data transferring
SoftwarePhotoprint10/Maintop...+thunderjet control console
Temp rangeAdjustable up to 80 , recommend temp 40C-50C
Dimension 3030 X 815 X 1210 / 3730 X 1010 X 1210

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